Aperol Spritz-ish

This cocktail was made to be a mid-day tipple. The -ish is because the sparkling wine or prosecco from the classic Aperol spritz recipe is added in the form of ice cubes, so it’s very light and easy drinking. (Don’t fret, they melt quickly.)


  • 1 part Aperol
  • 2 parts soda water
  • 2-3 sparkling wine ice cubes per glass
  • Twist from a lime or an orange, optional


Step 1

Combine Aperol with soda water and stir in either a short cocktail glass or highball. Add ice cubes. Enjoy!

Cook Notes

I left the ingredients listed in “parts” because that’s the ideal ratio whether you’re making one cocktail (no judgment) or seven.

From the Kitchen

How other cooks made this recipe

I like adding a squeeze of fresh Orange juice to an Aperol Spritz (Or Negroni) It cuts the alcohol a bit and makes it a bit more refreshing.