We cook with phones and laptops on the counter, carefully turned back on with a washed-and-barely-dry pinky. We test out ingredients for flavor, for health, for the adventure of cooking with something new. We cook for necessity, for fun, for ourselves, for others. And we make recipes our own.

That is the modern kitchen. And To Taste is the tool it’s been missing.

While the food world has come a long way, there’s still lots to do where recipes are concerned. There hasn't been an elegant, easy way for us to play, adapt, tweak, save, and organize them. Enter To Taste.
It allows for us to do all of those things, plus we can share our versions with friends, family, and followers. Then, we can keep riffing on our—and others’—ideas and techniques until we dig in and simply can’t help but utter, Damn, that’s so good. We can cook the way we want to cook. And, finally, we can own it, too.

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