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Not to be a total American Millennial about it, but I added avocado (in place of the papaya) and because I canNOT take the heat, I took out all the heat. Honestly, it's so addictive that I craved it after eating it for dinner.

I bought three plums at the store without much of a plan for them, but then I remembered this small-batch jam and I got to chopping. It's soooo good. I stirred this into overnight oats and plan to plop a spoonful on top of ice cream later.

Two things: First, apples and pears are a classic combo. Second, I forgot to buy a lemon at the store but I did have oranges, so I gave it a try (success!). Ok, and third... I'll never give up on adding coconut sugar to all the things. I used it on top of oatmeal and then again later on top of some vanilla ice cream.

My go to guac is almost the exact same...except I mince real garlic instead of garlic powder (and salt of course), and I usually leave out tomatoes unless the avocados are dry. We just prefer it that way usually. And since instead of dice the onions. But honestly, very similar to my recipe! And everyone raves about it!

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