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My go to guac is almost the exact same...except I mince real garlic instead of garlic powder (and salt of course), and I usually leave out tomatoes unless the avocados are dry. We just prefer it that way usually. And since instead of dice the onions. But honestly, very similar to my recipe! And everyone raves about it!

Our waiter made tableside guacamole using an orange instead of lime. I fell in love with the flavor.

My tweaks were about saving time. I didn't peel the zucchini. I didn't plan ahead, so I didn't have time to strain the zucchini for four hours. I just squeezed them in a dish towel (it took two to get the water out) and went with it, and had zero problems. I also used garlic powder instead of fresh garlic, just because I was in a hurry, but would normally use fresh. And I cooked them in a little butter in a nonstick pan, instead of oil in cast iron. Dipped in seasoned yogurt, they were delicious and crazy fast.

Includes a fresh roasted butternut squash puree in place of pumpkin for a brighter color and slightly sweeter, more pumpkin-y flavor.

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