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Swapped butternut squash for sweet potato, spinach for kale and basil for rosemary. Result was a lighter taste - perfect for summer brunch.

Some people tweak recipes to be healthier. I tweaked salad to be cheesecake.

I loved the original recipe! I just like things a little spicy, so I added in jalapeno and also red onion because I love the sweetness that it adds. I would still like to enjoy this at my Italian summer villa, even though it's perhaps a little less traditional now :)

When it's a good week, there's pesto in my fridge. I eat it with everything! On eggs, spread on bread, and of course pasta. Since there's ALWAYS arugula around I've found it makes a great addition to the basil. The bitter bite will brighten up this classic sauce and bring your pasta game to new heights. Add it to some orecchiette with spicy Italian sausage and you're in business.

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